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As one might expect when first learning about us, we need experienced sewers (preferably with experience in sewing garments) as well as people who knit or crochet.

But there are also many other ways in which someone interested in volunteering can help.

We need people who have the patience to take gowns apart. We need drivers to pick up donated gowns in their neighborhoods and deliver them to seamstresses, as well as someone with photo-editing proficiency to prepare photos for our website.

We need someone who can create and manage spreadsheets to work with nurses in tracking item usage by size and hospital unit so we can always keep ahead of needs. An “attention-to-detail” person would be perfect to copy patterns for us and a Facebook expert could start and maintain a page for us.

We would love to have people who can hand-embroider or bead baby gowns sewn by others. We need someone with an embroidery machine to create patterns on fabrics which might later be beaded by someone else.

There are so many things one could do to support and promote the Caring Hands For Angels project…… perhaps you could think of a few activities that we haven’t thought of yet!

** A note about our garment-making philosophy**

We see every baby item we make as a precious gift of respect and sympathy that we give a baby and parents when no words are possible. Each item is worked with great care and attention to detail to make it as unique as that infant who will wear it. We strive for quality in our baby garments… not quantity.

We are honest with ourselves about our strengths and weaknesses, our skills and shortfalls. This is not to say that one has to be a perfect seamstress or the world’s champion knitter (or crocheting master) to be part of the Caring Hands team; but, rather, it is to say that we try to work as a team and pick up the tasks each according to her (his) own ability.

If there is an aspect of the work that is out of one’s skill set, then someone else who is stronger in that area can do it. For example, if sewing up a cocoon is easy for someone but somehow the very final 1/8 inch topstitch just won’t stay straight and even, another team member can finish it. If sewing up the item by machine is a breeze but the final sewing by hand of the appliques is just beyond you, there are others who love this kind of work. Just ask for help.

Although pride in our handiwork feels wonderful and reinforcing and the creativity in working with gorgeous materials is so much fun, this project is not actually about us. In the end, it is about a lost baby and the parents of that baby whose lives will never be the same. In the end, that is why we do what we do and we want to do it in the best way possible!

If you would like to volunteer, please click here to go to our Online Application Form and send us your information directly.